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The sale of all merchandise goes to fuel the important work we are doing such as Investigations, Legal cases, Partner projects, NWS podcast, Pan-African library, among others. Your purchase helps spread the message and is an investment in the revolution.

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Everyone Deserves Justice

Too often, income decides whether or not someone gets justice. This needs to change. Through securing legal representation, developing media strategies and working with victims, we continue to fight alongside families and communities who have experienced harm at the hands of those who promised to help, only to bring irreversible harm.

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White Saviorism is Destructive

Imagine finding out that your death was staged so that a white evangelical family could traffic your 5 year old son from Uganda to the U.S. Consider how it would feel to lose your 2 year old daughter to malnutrition and how much worse it would be when you learn that the “white doctor” who treated her was not a medical professional at all, that the facility was not even registered. Think about what countless young children experience when a child predator disguises himself as a do-gooder, seeking to “help children in Africa”. The white savior complex is far more dangerous than just a problematic selfie or stereotypical fundraising campaign. These are examples of some of the more serious, destructive forms of white saviorism we have addressed.

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Supporting decolonization and looking great is just the beginning. Near or far, join us as we continue the fight for racial justice for all.